Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Name: Milena Akhmadova

Position: Sales Cadet

How long have you worked at Porsche Centre Sydney South?
Just under one year. 

Tell us about your background in the automotive industry?

This is my very first experience with the automotive industry and I am very lucky to start at the very top. I come from a luxury fashion background, working for Kering brands such as Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen and more recently Prada group. 

How would you describe the Porsche brand? 

Porsche always delivers on their promises and does not make you pay just for the badge on your car. I truly appreciate the attention to detail and their capacity to focus to what truly matters for a unique driving experience.

Since working at Porsche, what is your career highlight?

Attending the 992 training at The Bend in Adelaide, South Australia.

What is the best thing about working at Porsche Centre Sydney South?

I am surrounded by a wonderful team and am lucky to work with such an exceptional product. It makes working a pleasant experience, and the days fly by!  

Who has had the most influence on your career and why? 

My partner, he’s an extremely hard working and passionate individual. Even though he comes from a different professional background (The food industry) I am always fascinated by the effort he puts into his work in order to satisfy his customers. He taught me to listen, observe, react to your customer’s body language and never cease to seek improvement in your delivery, no matter how much experience you have.  

What do you think sets Porsche Centre Sydney South apart from other Porsche Centres?

 We are extremely lucky to have the team we have, each individual has a crucial role in this dealership and I believe that everyone puts an equal effort to make us highly effective and successful.
We all take pride in representing the brand and maintain its high standards.

Five Facts About Milena:
1. Favourite Porsche: Porsche 991 GT3.                                      
2. Favourite holiday destination:
London for fun and the French Riviera for the sun!
3. Favourite sporting team: Don't have one.

4. Favourite restaurant:
It’s a tie between Arte Bianca and Spice Temple. 

5. Favourite movie: Recently, The Search. (2014 film)


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