Porsche Track Experiences Registration 2019

Porsche Track Experiences Registration 2019

Porsche Track Experiences 

With Porsche Centre Sydney South


Located at the Mt Cotton Driver Training Facility in Queensland with its own test circuit, skid pan and off-road track, the Porsche Track Experience offers the ideal environment to really explore the Porsche legend.
This is day designed for you to experience the thrill of driving one of the world's finest sports cars. Under the guidance of our experienced Porsche instructors you will experience a day of fun and intense learning while driving the Porsche Model Range.

All guests are also invited to join us for a complimentary welcome dinner in Brisbane on the Thursday evening prior to the event. Details regarding dinner are provided upon booking confirmation. Guests must arrange their own flights and accommodation. PCSS recommends the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane as your overnight accommodation on the Thursday evening. Return bus transfers will be arranged on the Friday morning, departing outside the Stamford Plaza Hotel to the Porsche Track Experience. The return transfer in the afternoon will drop off firstly at Brisbane Airport before returning to the Brisbane CBD.




2019 Dates
  • Level 1 - Precision.  Friday 17 May. Tickets still available.
  • Level 2 - Precision plus.  Friday 21 June. Tickets still available.
  • Level 3 - Performance.  Monday 12 August. Tickets still available.
  • Level 4  - Performance Plus.  Thursday 16 May & Friday 18 October. Tickets still available.


Work through the various training levels.

Level 1

Precision is an essential part of building a Porsche. It’s also the key to driving one. This day is designed to help you attain this level of accuracy, providing you with the ideal preparation to move through the program. Aimed at first time participants and those who want to build and refresh their knowledge, it teaches you the fundamentals of vehicle control, with practise sessions taking place at the Mt Cotton Training Centre. Here’s where you can really start to spread your Porsche wings.

Level 2

Building on the skills learned in previous training, under expert instruction, you will learn how to approach and tackle corners accurately and with speed on a closed road circuit, practise taking evasive action and experience the effect that even slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes. Practising accurate steering, skilful braking and careful acceleration you will learn how to drive more safely, even off the beaten track.

Level 3

When you’ve completed Precision and Precision Plus, this day brings to life Intelligent Performance behind the wheel of a Porsche at Queensland Raceway. Individual instruction concentrates on vehicle control at higher speeds, using the correct racing lines and introducing trail braking with full lapping. Focusing on specific driving skills, lap after lap, improves vehicle command.

Level 4

A Porsche is, quite simply, made for the track and this is where you can finely hone your skills to utilise its full potential. With the help of one-on-one coaching and sophisticated technology, you will receive all the training you need to achieve competence in correct steering into corners and learn how to work the accelerator and brake pedals for optimum response.

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